Cliveland Spinning Ltd now has a range of aluminium funeral and grave vases.


The range is:

5” lid on a 4” vase

£1.78 silver    £1.83 gold. unweighted

5” lid on a 5” vase

£1.89silver   £1.94gold unweighted

5.5” lid on a 3” vase

£1.95silver   £2.05gold weighted

5.5” lid on a 4” vase (standard)

£2.12 silver £2.22 gold weighted

5.5” lid on a 5” vase

£2.50 silver £2.60 gold weighted

5.5” lid on a 6” vase

£2.90 silver £3.00 gold weighted

We offer many beautiful cemetery vases that are perfect for headstones, grave markers, funerals and memorial monuments.

All of our funeral vases are made with the most durable of aluminum, which can withstand all weather conditions and retain its quality for years to come.

Lids come in eight different colours.

Gold. Silver. Standard colours. Bronze. Pewter. Green. Blue. Pink. Black. Extra 25p for coloured lid based on the gold lid price.

Other planters of varying sizes also available on request.

For further information or to place orders please contact
Andrew Sale
0121 333 3454   Mobile: 07747 136656